Current trainings

We invest in the future.

The trainee programme has been an integral part of BTB for many years. Whether students, trainees or junior developers - within the framework of innovative projects, they all work together under the professional supervision of experienced BTB colleagues to become fit for the current challenges of an IT job.

Become part of our team and work in a pleasant, collegial environment with the help of agile methods and technologies such as Azure, cloud computing, Docker, AI - but also Java EE, React and Angular.

A project-specific training plan is developed, which is used to build up skills in a meaningful way. A company-wide udemy account provides access to a wide range of training courses.



Learning path internal project "CV-Analyzer"


  • Create BTB Udemy account
  • Define training plan for the project
  • Coordinate training plan
  • Maintain training plan
  1. Udemy account available
  2. Training plan defined and available to all

Infrastructure 1

  • Basics Microsoft Azure (1-3 days)
  • Basics Scrum (1-2 days)
  • Basics Linux
  • Basics Git
  • Basics Jira
  1. Understand Azure basics
  2. Understand Linux and Git basics
  3. Understand Jira basics

Development 1

  • Angular training (min. 5 days)
  • Creating an Angular application in Azure (HelloWorld)
  • Implement the first requirements for Angular
  • Training CI/CD (2-3 days)
  • Implement CD in Azure for the Angular application
  1. Simple Angular requirements can be implemented
  2. Angular application runs stable in Azure
  3. Simple CD created for the Angular application

Development 2

  • Java training (Spring Boot, min. 5 days)
  • Creating a Java application in Azure (HelloWorld)
  • Training Unittesting in Java (2-3 days)
  • Writing the first unit tests in Java
  • Implementing the first requirements in Java
  • Implementation CD for the Java application
  1. Simple Java requirements can be implemented
  2. Unittest for Java can be written
  3. CD for the Java application created

Development 3

  • Training REST and Web Services (3-5 days)
  • Research Communication Angular Frontend and Java Backend
  • Connecting front- and backend applications
  1. Simple rest and web services can be written
  2. Communication between Java and Angular established

AI 1

  • Artificial neural networks - learning the basics (3-5 days)
  • Image Recognition / Pattern Recognition - Learning the Basics (1-3 days)
  • View Current AI Services in Microsoft Azure
  1. Understand basics of NN and image and pattern recognition.
  2. Understand Current implementation in Azure

Development 4 / AI 2

  • AI-Services in Azure anlegen und mit der Web-Anwendung verbinden
  • Erkannte Muster und Bilder in der Web-Anwendung auswerten
  • Auswertungen auf der Oberfläche anzeigen
  1. Create AI services in Azure and connect them to the web application.
  2. Evaluate recognised patterns and images in the web application
  3. Display evaluations on the interface

Infrastructure 2

  • CI/CD extended
  • Azure knowledge deepened (3-4 days)
  • Research Container (Docker)
  • Research Kubernetes (2-3 days)
  1. Application can be deployed in different versions with one mouse click
  2. Understand basics of Docker and Kubernetes


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