Innovative Projects

The IT world is turning faster and faster - we stay on the ball with our know-how in order to remain an attractive partner for our customers and employees.

CV Analyser

In this application, an AI is used to evaluate how good or bad a CV is and to output the weak points. It is intended for use by human resources departments, but also for private use in the run-up to job applications. The project team is currently receiving support from the AI experts at the Forschungszentrum Informatik in Karlsruhe.


The way out of the maze - a cloud-based product search web application for customers in supermarkets. The desired product is searched for by voice or text input at a permanently positioned terminal. The customer is shown a path from the current location to the searched product.

Alexa – count on us

The product playfully teaches preschool children the numbers 1-10 without human intervention. A rollout of the first version took place in July 2020 under the title "Number Pirates" in the USA.