Training on the job

Our trainees twiddle their thumbs - they dive directly into fascinating projects, work in mixed, agile teams with versatile technologies, and develop ideas that could become reality as soon as tomorrow.


CodeWiseAI is an artificial intelligence-based tool that enhances the quality of software and the knowledge of its users as an additional component. Once relevant code changes are available, they are forwarded to the GPT model by OpenAI, which conducts comprehensive analysis and subsequent code reviews.

It was developed in Java by a four-member trainee team, with support and coaching from two experienced BTB colleagues - ranging from necessary training sessions, regular code reviews, to feedback discussions.

2022/2023 Deposit Counter

A team consisting of two trainees and an experienced BTB coach developed, in close collaboration with a potential client, an intelligent object recognition AI that simplifies the laborious counting of deposit crates in wholesale.

From the design of an easy-to-use mobile app to training the AI and participating in design sprints at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO - our trainees were able to deepen their different training focuses and acquire new skills in both backend development and app design.

Both trainees are currently employed as working students at BTB.

2021/2022 CV Analyser

The CV Analyzer was developed by a scrum team consisting of three dedicated trainees, two experienced BTB coaches, and a promising customer from the personnel services sector. The app utilizes AI technology to analyze uploaded resumes.

Our project team worked closely with leading AI experts from the Research Center for Computer Science in Karlsruhe. This strategic partnership ensured not only the highest quality but also continuous improvement of the AI algorithms regarding resume analysis - a perfect field for our trainees to learn all aspects of project development.

By the way, all trainees working on this project are now permanently employed at BTB!