The spectrum of services with which we support our clients is as complex as the world around us.


Customers can commission a software development team from us to solve their problems, or expand their own team with our specialists. We feel at home in the classic JEE world under various application servers such as IBM WebSphere, as well as in .net applications, and navigate our customers unerringly through cloud architectures.

Test und Training

Thanks to our business analysts and our ISTQB-certified user experience engineers, we also support the testing and rollout of software, create individual training documents if required and are on the road worldwide in the training environment, whether on site or in webinars.


The smooth operation of your IT also presents small and medium-sized enterprises with major challenges time and again, especially if they do not have their own IT department. We support our customers with our know-how in the network environment as well as in office applications and thus ensure the smooth operation of your processes.