Over 40 years ago the student Wolfgang Auer had the idea to found a small software company. Together with some comilitities, he put his project into practice parallel to his studies and laid the foundation for one of the oldest software houses nationwide.



The late 70s

The first "Büroräume" were converted into cellar spaces in Stuttgart's inner city.

What was urgently needed was sufficient space, because the computers at that time were still almost as large as a small car.




"Systems" in Munich

For the first time, BTB is presenting itself at a major international trade fair.

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, BTB naturally focuses on IBM products.



The late 80s

The BTB is growing - the computers are shrinking to a desktop size.




A separate company building - foundation of BTB KG

The BTB is now not only a well-known software company, but also a great employer, is evident in the design of its own company building.

In order to realize the big project, all employees at the time were financially involved in the construction of the house, in order to enable the BTB to jointly grow further.



The BTB in the 90s

With the addition of the new building, the BTB also has the opportunity to build up its own school center.



Solar eclipse 1999

Why our employees are so good? They have fun at work!

We did not miss the eclipse of the sun to the Millennium.




The BTB at the "LearnTec"

What is quite common today is, at that time, a great technological advance: the virtual classroom




BTB is celebrating its 30th anniversary!



The 2000s 

BTB is developing its own software and selling it to the USA



In the search for competent junior staff, we value the close cooperation with ADV Böblingen.

This year's company information days stood for the BTB under the motto: IBM Watson and Amazon Echo.

Our choice fell on 3 talented students, who from August 2017 will go with us the step towards cognitive computing.